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The opening ceremony of the 2014 masters of engineering in shenzhen university w

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  On April 11, the opening ceremony of the 2014 class of 2014 masters in engineering was held in the conference room A. Deputy director of the department of urban planning and management, zhou mingjian, some secondary school teachers, and master of the class of 2014.

After watching a promotional video for the academy, it welcomed the arrival of the 2014 masters in engineering. In just said, master of engineering need on-the-job graduate study, I hope you planning the relationship between the learning and work, life and study actively and consciously, strictly abide by the academic ethics and obtained the excellent result.

, as a representative of the new mechanical engineering Tian Yu jiao said, they will be in Harbin institute of outstanding graduates to coordinate and example, remember the teacher's high expectations, hard work, smoothly, the successful completion of their studies.

At the opening ceremony, zhou bin, the dean of the academic affairs department, introduced the management regulations of the master's master of engineering and the method of teaching software. At the end of the ceremony, the class of 2014 graduate students participated in a team simulation training designed to "enhance the cohesion of the team".

There are 107 students in the class of 2014, including computer technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering, project management engineering and industrial engineering.
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