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The opening ceremony of the consumer electronic international conference was hel

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  The opening ceremony of the China branch of the China branch was held in the university of shenzhen in shenzhen, China, April 9, 2010. At the opening ceremony, yao ying, director of the academy of deep research, gave a speech at the opening ceremony, which was attended by Stephen Dukes, an IEEE member, IU, LLC chief executive Stephen Dukes, and gave a keynote speech titled "IEEE & CE Society: Future Directions."

IEEE international conference on consumer electronics is the most authoritative international consumer electronics assembly, have been held in Las Vegas for 30 years, its China branch is the meeting in China the only sister duly authorized by the official meeting. This conference by the Harbin institute of technology shenzhen graduate school, undertaken by the Open University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong polytechnic university, the theme is "the development of the Internet of things technology and consumer electronics", discussion covers the Internet of things, smart grid, renewable energy, mobile Internet, social computing, cloud computing, Internet health, big data such as consumer electronics related issues. World class experts in these fields will be invited to speak.

The conference includes academic seminars, industry BBS and peak BBS. Adhering to the tradition of the society, the conference is held in the same period as the China electronic information exposition to promote the exchange of academic research and industrial practice.
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