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Lee bacon was a guest on the natural forum

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Deep institute xuan (wintan/article, figure) on March 27, Chinese academy of engineering, huazhong university of science and technology, the former President lipeigeng guest natural forum, 413 in shenzhen university city library lecture hall do the research and the people, deep institute party committee secretary and deputy director zhang min, mechanical and electrical engineering and automation institute dacac present, more than 400 students from universities and colleges in shenzhen university city to listen to a lecture. 
From the research purpose, the researcher, the research activity's aesthetic, the scientific research and the future and the world research, the relationship between the research and the people is discussed. He said that the real subject of science was the beauty of the world, he said. Science is the poetry of reason, scientific research is an art, science is essentially art. We should, in the course of scientific discovery or discovery, gain an aesthetically pleasing or rational marvel of aesthetic pleasure in the study and appreciation of science. 
"Of course we can't object to science," says Mr Bacon, "but it's certainly wrong to absolutize science." Some people take scientific absolutes and break away from the natural and natural world we belong to, and the truth of the truth lacks the humanistic spirit. Scientists will undoubtedly need to pursue the spirit of truth, seeking truth from facts, but can't forget: nature, not from what we belong "realistic" itself should be a kind of humanistic spirit. 
After the lecture, the students present are put forward to scientific research, social problems by themselves, professional development and other issues, lipeigeng gave the detailed answer, won warm applause. 
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Lipeigeng, Chinese academy of engineering, the former President of huazhong university of science and technology, state 863 / CIMS subject, national 863 / robotics expert group members, national 863 advanced manufacture and automation experts committee member, now the vice President of the Chinese mechanical engineering society, the education department of mechanical engineering teaching steering committee, director of the committee. 

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