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Research Center


Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology Research Center

Optical and Electromechanical Integration Technology Research Center

Power Electronic and Motion Control Research Center

Wind Power and Automation Research Center

Turbulence-Noise-Vibration Interactions and Control Institute

Key Laboratory

State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Shenzhen

Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Industrial Robotics and System

Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Medical Intelligent Wireless Ultrasonic Imaging Technology

Shenzhen Digital Engineering Laboratory of Marine High-End Equipment

Shenzhen Engineering Laboratory of Digital Stage Performance Robotics Technology

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Image Sensing Technology and Equipment of Aerospace Large Data

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Advanced Motion Control and Modern Automation Equipment

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Wind Power and Smart Grids

Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Tchnology

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