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International Collaboration
Overseas Student
The cultivation of international graduate students is the educational concept and model which are persevered in our college. Based on the practical situation, the college will arrange the teachers who are proficient in English teaching to take responsibility for the courses of international graduate students. Meanwhile, all the courses for the international graduate students have close connection to their major. All the four first level disciplines in School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation already have teaching program for international master and doctor students. Up to now, there are 3 international master students, 5 Ph. D international students and 4 post-doctors in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation.

Academic Exchange
We have close connection with academic field. Several subject areas well-known experts and professors to our teaching,including Professor Daijiansheng  at king's college London,Professor Chenzhe at Aalborg Universitet, Professor Victor Sreeram at University of Western Australia.About 20 lectures and seminars are held every year given by renowned scholars at home and abroad.Visiting scholars all over the world,Including the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on.Teachers travelled abroad many times every year to participate in high level academic conference, visit the world famous university.We had the 9th National Symposium for Gas Lubrication and Dry Gas Seal in 2010,and International Summit Forum for Robots in 2013. Through various forms of academic exchanges to make the teachers and students understand the international forefront of academic information and the latest academic achievements, promote the subject construction and development, actively promote international exchanges and cooperation in the field of high-level academic research.
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